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Household hints from the good old days

Yearning to get back to basics in these fast-moving, high-tech times? The editors of Yankee Magazine have culled their cache of vintage books and magazines for the best advice from the good old days. The result? 1,001 Old-Time Household Hints, which cover housecleaning, cooking, gardening, home repair, pets and body care, including: Make your garden [...]

Look Within Yourself to be a Better Parent

Parents hold high hopes for their children. They want their children to grow into people who can thrive. Harvard psychologist Richard Bromfield, author of How to Unspoil Your Child Fast, offers ways to reassess and adjust your parenting. Among his expert tips: Prioritize. If you’re like most loving parents, raising your children well is a [...]

What you need to know about Irregular Heartbeats

Your heart may flutter at the sight of an old boyfriend or go into overdrive before you step up for a presentation. That’s normal, and nothing to worry about. But if these irregular beats occur more often or are accompanied by chest pain, shortness of breath or lightheadedness, that may be a sign of an [...]

Home Remedies for the Common Cold and Flu Viruses

Q: I am suffering from persistent blocked nose and sneezing. There is lot of phlegm when I cough. What should I do? A:You may want to try some sort of vaporizer and/or a saline nasal spray to help clear your nasal passages. The water vapor from a vaporizer should also help with the phlegm, if [...]